Summer is Coming to a Close at 8z Rentals

Summer is finally coming to an end in Colorado. It has been a wonderful and busy season for 8z Rentals, as we leased a plethora of properties, renewed multiple leases, and moved out all of our tenants with leases ending during this period. The busiest rental period of the year is coming to a close, but as always, we continue to lease and manage rental properties.

Are you a Colorado property owner who still needs to lease your property for 2014? While the rush for rental housing may slow as summer ends, working with a property management company like 8z Rentals can significantly increase the demand for your rental property. 8z Rentals lists, markets, and shows your property for you. We respectfully follow property owners’ orders and use our professional experience to successfully lease properties to the best of our ability. Let us give your property the extra boost it needs; call 8z Rentals today to learn more!


Introducing Our Newest Denver Leasing Agent

8z Rentals’ Boulder leasing agent Jason DeLorenzo will soon be making the move to Denver to continue his successful career as a leasing agent. After over two years of working as a leasing agent in Boulder, Jason is ready to move on to leasing properties in an even more challenging rental market. Jason will be working alongside Anita Guide to provide leasing and management services to Denver and the extended surrounding area. Interested in learning more about Jason DeLorenzo? Check out our Boulder Rental Pulse blog to view Jason’s past leasing accomplishments as well as his background in leasing and management services.

Jason DeLorenzo

Preparing Our Managed Properties For Tenant Move-Ins

8z Rentals usually leaves a week between tenant move-out dates and new tenant move-in dates for our managed properties. This is done to ensure that our managed properties get the necessary amount of cleaning and maintenance before our new tenants move into them. While some maintenance issues may be unknown to our company prior to tenant move-in dates, we always do our best to clean and fix up our managed properties to the best of our knowledge. We understand that it can be frustrating to move in to a dirty property, or even a property that needs multiple fixes. That’s why we give our best effort to have your property fully prepared before your move-in date.

Looking for Information on Your New Property?

Many of our new tenants have plenty of questions regarding their newly leased rental properties. 8z Rentals would like to remind our tenants that the welcome packets left in their new properties contain an abundance of information about each of their properties. We strongly recommend that all of our tenants read over everything included in their welcome packets to get completely informed. 8z Rentals uses welcome packets to make sure that our tenants have all the necessary information for their personal properties; feel free to give us a call if our packets leave any of your property questions unanswered!

New Tenants: The Maintenance Request Process

Greetings new and returning 8z tenants! As you are getting situated in your new rental property, you may notice areas of your property that need to be fixed or repaired. If you are a new 8z Rentals tenant, you’re probably wondering how to submit a maintenance request to us.

In just a few steps you can easily submit your request to us online through your tenant portal. Simply create or login to your portal account on, and you will see a section labeled “maintenance requests”. All you need to do is click on this section and give us a brief description of the issue that you are requesting a repair for. Click submit to officially send us your request. It’s as simple as that!

What’s Next?

We receive notification of your maintenance request as soon as it is submitted to us online. Following this notification, we set up one of our trusted vendors to contact you or your roommates regarding scheduling the repair. After directly scheduling with you or your roommates, our vendor will come by to repair your property.

How Long Does the Process Take?

You can usually expect the whole maintenance process to take 1-4 days to be completed. This is mostly dependent on how busy our vendors are at the time of your request. For instance, during tenant move-in and move-out weeks, our vendors tend to be very busy, which means it will take a little longer for them to get to every maintenance request. In contrast, during less busy seasons such as the fall, our vendors tend to be able to answer maintenance requests much more rapidly. All in all, our vendors and our own business give our full effort to make sure your repairs get taken care of as soon as they possibly can be.