One Rental Source To Rule Them All

Many rental companies in Colorado tend to only offer properties in specific areas of the state rather than offering rental properties across the whole state of Colorado. If a prospective rental customer is not sure where they want to live in Colorado, it can be difficult to find a single property management company that offers different rental properties in different locations of the state. Luckily, 8z Rentals is here to help. 8z Rentals offers rental properties in various areas of Colorado. Some of our prime rental locations in Colorado include Fort Collins, Denver, and Boulder. If you are not sure where you want to live in Colorado, 8z Rentals makes it easy to explore all of your different options at once.

Visit today to browse all of our currently available properties, or give us a call at (303) 563-4104 to get set up with one of our professional leasing agents. Don’t waste your time contacting different property management companies for different property locations in Colorado. Contact 8z Rentals to get all of your options at once.  Let 8z Rentals serve you today!


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8z Settles Your Requests in a Fair and Timely Manner!

8z Rentals in Colorado likes to stay on top of its tenants’ and owners’ requests. We do our best to settle matters between tenants and owners in a fair and rational way. If a tenant submits a property maintenance request to 8z, we quickly settle the request by either scheduling a repair or negotiating the request further with the owner of the rental property (without any unnecessary delay involved!). Tenants have the ease of the secure online portal where tenants can make maintenance requests with just a few clicks of the computer.  Similarly, if an owner believes that his or her tenant is making an unnecessary or irrational maintenance request, 8z swiftly contacts the owner and attempts to reach a more satisfactory solution to the original request.

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, 8z makes renting and owning property easy by running a fair, fast, and rational negotiation process for owner and tenant requests. As a property management company we are here to make sure everything runs smoothly between our tenants and owners. We don’t wait around to solve our owner and tenant conflicts. At 8z Rentals, we stay on top of it all.

Does it Feel Like Your Rental Company is ‘Nickel and Diming’ You?

The word is out: Many tenants leasing properties in Colorado are not too satisfied with their current rental property management companies. Does it feel like your rental company is trying to get some extra money out of your pocket? Tenants of our competitors are complaining about being charged too much for maintenance repairs, and having unfair amounts of money taken from their security deposits when their leases end.

Here at 8z Rentals, we don’t nickel and dime you like our competitors. 8z Rentals serves tenants in a fair and ethical manner. A happy tenant is more likely to renew their lease, and take care of their rental property.  It’s a win-win for tenants and landlords to treat tenants with respect.  We make our money by offering great rental properties at great prices, not by cheating our tenants like other rental companies. If you feel like your current rental company is treating you unfairly, try leasing with 8z Rentals the next time around. 8z offers a whole different experience than most rental companies in Colorado because we are on the tenant’s side. Check out for our latest rental listings available across all of Colorado, or contact us today by calling (303) 563-4104. Try the 8z way; we treat our tenants right.

8z Rentals

4041 Hanover Avenue #101

Boulder, CO 80305

Online Scams in Rental Property Leasing

Recently there have been several cases involving fake landlords and fake leasing agents attempting to scam customers interested in leasing properties in the Colorado area. In one of these cases, a fake leasing agent stood outside of one of 8z Rental’s properties and greeted two interested customers. The two customers reportedly found this “leasing agent” through Craigslist, and were skeptical of him from the start. Luckily, these interested customers sensed that something was not right with the leasing agent and reported the issue straight to 8z Rentals. While Craigslist and other similar sites can often be trusted for finding available rental properties, the best way to avoid getting scammed is to go through a more direct and professional property-leasing source.

How to Avoid Scammers: The 8z way

By finding a rental property or leasing agent through a more direct and professional source like 8z Rentals, one can avoid potential scammers in the rental business. As a professional property rental company, 8z Rentals carries authentic information for customers on our website and at our offices. At, customers interested in renting properties can view all of the company’s available properties and can also access all of 8z’s leasing agent contact information. There is no chance of getting scammed when one searches for a great property directly through an experienced, professional, and informative rental company like 8z Rentals because the company offers direct, authentic sources of information on all of our properties and agents.

If Nothing Else, Check Your Sources!

Still convinced that the best way to find a rental property is through Craigslist or a similar site? Then check your sources! Even 8z Rentals posts properties on Craigslist because the site offers the great opportunity to advertise the company’s properties to the masses. However, if an interested customer cannot match rental information posted on Craigslist with information posted on a rental company’s site, then the Craigslist post could be a potential scam. The good news is that 8z’s website makes it easy to verify our posts on Craigslist because our website stays up-to-date with information about our properties and agents. Additionally, 8z Rentals leasing agents and staff are always available by phone to speak with customers about our properties and connect interested customers with our professional leasing agents.

Report and Remove Scammers!

If one does happen to come across a rental scam on Craigslist or a similar site, it is best to report this scam to the website. This way the website can ban the user at fault and eliminate future scamming from this user. In reality, most Craigslist posts are not scams, but getting scammers reported and removed is the next step towards a safer Craigslist environment.

Protecting Our Business and Customers

8z Rentals is always on the lookout for potential scammers, and we do our best to protect ourselves and our customers against them. While scammers represent a very small threat to our company, we are still doing everything we can to completely eliminate them as a threat. There have been no more than one or two scams total involving someone pretending to be an 8z Rentals agent leasing an 8z property, and these scams did not get far at all. Rental scams have not been specifically common for 8z, but have been more common in the rental industry as a whole. We shall continue to protect our business and our customers against scammers, and hope that other rental companies will do the same.

by Justin Schultz, at 8z Rentals (303) 563-4104