8z Rentals Offers Complete Management Services!

houseimage8z Rentals Offers Complete Management Services!

Maximize the return on your rental investment & get your weekends back! Let 8z Rentals handle all the details on your rental. 8z Rentals offers both Leasing and/or Management services for your property. Our management services include 8z taking care of most issues with your rental while leasing-only services offers clients the ability to fill your vacancies. 8z Rentals can handle whatever portions of your rental property management you need!

Our Management fee includes the following services

Management Services – % of monthly rent (call for quote):

  • 24/7 Emergency maintenance and repairs with reliable contractors
  • Detailed check/in out sheets including photo documentation
  • Licensed and bonded contractors with excellent references
  • Delivery of Keys to new residents
  • Rent collections
  • Obtaining additional documentation such as insurance or utility hookup
  • On site visits of your properties, including twice per year on the inside
  • Monthly contact with residents
  • Timely owner disbursements paid directly to your account via ACH
  • Monitor delinquencies
  • Monthly owner statements emailed directly to you
  • Year end 1099 for your taxes
  • Resident check out and security deposit reconciliation
  • 24 hour owner access to your owners statements
  • 24 hour access for residents to submit payments
  • 24 hour access for residents to submit maintenance requests

Maintenance Services – We do not “Mark Up” maintenance costs. Our vendors are completely independent and we do not profit from performing repairs to your property. We provide receipts of the maintenance fees so you can be assured 8z Rentals is not up charging you for repairs. We are happy to use your vendor of choice if preferred. Additional Management Options – We also provide owners with additional services billed at $75 per hour.

  • Meeting with contractors for bid and property access
  • Rental Licensing
  • Additional property inspections beyond our normal inspections
  • Evictions and legal proceedings
  • Attending court or hearings
  • Supervising large scale renovations
  • Subletting or interim lease negotiations

At 8z Rentals we offer owners a great value for an excellent service! Give us a call to discuss how we can help you maximize the value on your rentals and get your weekends back. We look forward to speaking with you! Call us at 888.613.8832 or email us.


Landscaping Can Add Curb Appeal and Increase Rental Values

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.46.22 AMLandscaping can add interest and value to your rental property. Want to increase rents? Try adding curb appeal!

Add instant curb appeal with annual flowers. A few strategically placed plants in the ground or in planter boxes can make a big difference. Annual plants are always showy options and look good, but they have to be watered regularly.

Add long-term appeal with a perennial garden. Perennials are another option for making your landscaping stand out and adding curb appeal. The best thing about perennials is that once they are established they come back year after year. The return on investment with best with perennials. Look around to see if your local water municipality offers any incentives for water wise perennials. In Boulder the Conservation Center offers a Garden-in-a-Box options where you get discounted rates on professionally designed garden beds and the flowers that go with them. More details on the Garden-in-a-Box program here.

Need a landscaping professional to help with curb appeal at your property? We are happy to provide you with a referral to a quality professional. Contact 8z Rentals.


Let 8z Rentals Make It Easy to Find a Tentant for Your Property

Lease-extentionLandlords, let 8z Rentals assist you in finding a qualified resident for your property for a one time competitive fee. As the landlord you can tailor our services to best fit your individual needs. Maybe you just need someone to screen your tenants. Maybe you need someone to show your property. 8z Rentals is here to support you!

Our Leasing fee includes the following services:

  • MARKETING – 8z Rentals markets your property on all top-ranked national rental websites as well as local sites and on CoHomefinder, the top ranked real estate website in Colorado.
  • SHOWINGS – We eliminate the hassle of scheduling and coordinating showings with tenants, waiting for prospective tenants who may show up late or not at all, and provide you with an added level of security.
  • CORRESPONDENCE – We liaise between you and any prospective tenant to save you time and frustration.
  • FILTERING – 8z can filter out prospective tenants who aren’t serious about renting your property.
  • TENANT SCREENING – Our state-of-the-art management software checks credit, criminal and eviction history nationally. We will also collect employment verification, income verification, previous rental history and financial statements to help ensure your tenant is a good fit.
  • QUALIFIED STAFF – Our experienced staff complies with local, state and federal housing laws and is here to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.
  • DIGITAL APPLICATIONS – We capture prospective tenants by allowing them to apply online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with our digital applications.
  • LEASES – 8z can provide leases and all necessary disclosures relevant to your property and have them signed digitally via Docusign for your convenience.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – 8z will photograph or take video of your property for your listing or we can use any photos or videos you provide.
  • PROTECTION – As leasing experts we can quickly identify, filter and prevent scams involving your property to help protect you from potential fraud or damages.
  • SIGNS – We can provide one of our custom boutique signs for your property with a QR reader directing prospective tenants directly to our website.
  • LOCKBOXES – We can provide a lockbox for your property for easier showing access.

OTHER SERVICES: available by 8z Rentals which are not included in our Leasing activities. Some of these additional services may be included in management or billed hourly. Please contact us about additional services.

Click here for more information about our Management Services

Rising Rents – What’s a Renter To Do?

Image Courtesy of winnond / freedigitalphotos.net

Image Courtesy of winnond / freedigitalphotos.net

Forrest Noble, President of 8z Rentals said “rent costs are definitely on the rise for the consumer in Colorado’s well populated front range region.  Not only have vacancy rates remained low since 2006, many tenants who would be qualified home-buyers remain in the rental market.”  Noble explains that many home buyers are choosing not to purchase, due to conditions like tough loan qualifications, high interest rates, and job mobility.

Located in the front range communities of Colorado, the property managers at 8z Rentals, have seen rental costs on the rise throughout the six counties that they serve.  These counties vary from primarily suburban like Jefferson, Arapahoe and Broomfield counties, to the more urban Denver county, to the historically high rent Boulder county.  And stats from Colorado’s Division of Housing back up Noble’s team’s observations.  On February 10th 2014, Ryan McMaken, from the Colorado Division of Housing, reported that, “during the fourth quarter of 2013, the average rent in metro Denver rose to $1,041, increasing 6.4%, or $63, from 2012’s fourth-quarter average rent of $978” (Source).

If rising rent costs are affecting a tenant’s budget, Noble and his team recommend tenants adjust their search parameters.

-Explore other areas. While rent prices are on the rise across the board, some neighborhoods or cities typically have lower rent.  Compromising for a longer commute may also allow you to get more square footage, or a newer property at the same or lower price.  Moving further may mean a longer commute, but it if you’re okay with that, it could also save you money.

-Re-evaluate your housing needs.  If your rent has gone up on the two bedroom condo, or the single-family home you’re leasing, you may want to re-evaluate the amount of space you need.  If you don’t utilize all the space in the property you’re renting, downsizing could save you money on your rent.

-Ask if a longer term lease is available.  If you’re pretty certain you’re going to be sticking around an area for the foreseeable future, ask the property manager or landlord if a longer term lease might be available for a lower rate.  As leasing expenses or periods of vacancy affect a landlord’s bottom line, it may be advantageous to them, and you.

-Try negotiating some of the utilities into the lease, such as water or trash, or even gas and electric.  Try offering to do the yard work or snow removal in turn for your landlord to pay a utility bill.  Be flexible and see what the landlord may be willing to compromise with you on.

Looking for a place to rent?  We have rental listings throughout the Denver metro area, from Highlands Ranch through Longmont.