Increased Xcel Energy Rebates For Flood Victims!

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EnergySmart just announced new rebates for Xcel customers impacted by the Boulder Floods!

If your property was approved for FEMA assistance then you may qualify for additional Xcel rebates on some of the items you had to replace. Ask yourself this: Are you an Xcel customer who has been affected by the September flood? Were you approved for FEMA assistance?  If so, you may be eligible for special flood relief rebates that Xcel Energy has just started offering for energy efficient furnaces, boilers, water heaters, air conditioners, and evaporative coolers. That could mean a serious savings for you!

Here are some criteria & benefits of these rebates:

  • Must be installed after September 12, 2013
  • Must submit FEMA assistance approval letter with rebate application
  • Some of these rebates are MORE THAN DOUBLE the typical Xcel rebate!
  • These funds are limited and are first-come, first-serve, so it is important to complete the rebate application process ASAP.

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ENERGYSMART CAN HELP: If you have an EnergySmart Advisor connect with them for more information.  If you would like to become a part of the EnergySmart program call 303-544-1000 or visit


12 Things to Clean to Recoup Your Security Deposit

Let’s face it: moving is not our favorite thing in the world. Preparation, though, is key. If the landlord walks through after you moved out and he/she doesn’t have to hire a cleaning service, you have just saved him/her money and time and you will most likely get your full security deposit back (baring any damage beyond wear and tear of course)!

1. Use Some Elbow Grease


Scrub fridge and stove. This means replacing the foil lining under the stove’s burners, and scrubbing the corners…like the shelving in the fridge, etc.

2. Clear the Soap Scum


Thoroughly scrub soap scum and dust from bathtub and corners of the bathroom.  Wipes with cleaner in them work great for this- they dislodge the scum to make scrubbing easier.

3. Use Your Green Thumb


If your home is a single-family house, make sure to weed and water in the weeks before turnover. Again, if the landlord has to pay to revive the lawn, you will have that chunk removed from your security deposit.

4. Take Out the Trash


Don’t miss your final trash day, and make sure any trash or pet waste is cleared out of the yard.

5. Spick and Span Kitchen


Show the kitchen cabinets some TLC: wipe down the insides of the doors, and put fresh contact paper down on the shelves.

6. No Loose Screws


Tighten hinges and screws on doors and cabinets that have begun to fit poorly, if necessary to replace hardware malfunctioning because of wear and tear, it will cost you less to do it yourself, if you can.

7. See Clearly


Sponge both sides of windows and screens of dust and cobwebs. Make them look like they did when you moved in.

8. Break Out the Feather Duster


Dust the mini-blinds. If they have been wrecked by kids or dogs, replace them. A new set will cost you less than if the landlord has to pay labor and parts costs to a handyman.

9. Clean Up the Ashes


If there is a fireplace, clear out ashes and cinders (being careful not to get them on carpeting – which can cause staining)

10. Let There Be Light


Replace missing and burned out light bulbs. Make sure they match the others. Not sure? Bring the light bulb with you to the hardware store.

11. Keep No Souvenirs


Be sure to return not only the keys to the property, but also any parking permits, pool keys, garage door openers or key fobs which can be expensive to replace for the next tenant

12. Don’t Leave Your Fingerprints


Wipe down light switches, door handles, and high traffic areas that get covered with sticky handprints.

City of Boulder Offers Additional SmartRegs Rebates to Assist Owners In Repairing Flood Damaged Rental Units

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Great news! The city of Boulder has made a pool of $25,000 to $30,000 in new SmartRegs rebates available to assist property owners with repairs to flood-damaged rental units. The rebates are available through Dec. 31 or while funds last, so it is worth jumping on this opportunity right away!

The Boulder County Business Report reported that “These rebates represent additional assistance for property owners impacted by the flood,” said Elizabeth Vasatka, business sustainability coordinator for the city. “Consideration of energy efficiency and building best practices is most relevant and valuable during the rebuilding and replacement processes, and we want to support landlords in investing in equipment that will enhance property value and help them reach SmartRegs compliance.”

It is important to note that a requirement is that your property is involved with the SmartRegs program. The additional rebates apply to equipment replacement or upgrades and the work must be done by contractors partnering with Energy Smart.

For more information contact your EnergySmart Advisor or go to or