Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating Your Rental


Just because you are renting doesn’t mean you cannot have a beautiful space! There are some things you should consider doing and other things you should make sure you do not do. Striking the right balance is key to making your rental, your home.

Decorating Do’s:

1. Landlord Approval: Always get your landlord’s approval in writing before making any lasting changes to the property.

2. Keep It Simple: More is less most of the time! Try not to clutter the home. Triage your belongings to make sure you keep things simple and clean.

3. Accessorize: Add beautiful items that tie your furniture together. Try buying some throw pillows or purchase new curtains that work well with your furniture and other items.

4. Create Storage: Take a careful look at your possessions and the space you have. Usually you can find some small unused spaces to create additional organization. A small shelf tucked into a corner, shoe organizers in the closet, etc…decorating2

Decorating Don’t:

1. Do anything that changes your rental without getting written approval from your landlord.

2. Be afraid to make it your own! You can put your personal spin on the rental without changing anything that is permanent.

3. Clutter your space. A clean, de-cluttered space feels more spacious and inviting.

Decorating Ideas:

Want some good decorating ideas? Make sure to check out Pinterest and HGTV’s decorating site. There are so many great ideas for the DIY types and others.


Are You Moving? Here Is A Moving Checklist To Help Things Go Smoothly


At 8z Rentals we love to help people find the perfect home or apartment. We also know that moving can be an exciting time, but it can also be very stressful. If you are moving to a new house or apartment you will want to think through that move very clearly. Here are some ideas to help you ensure your moving day goes as seamlessly as possible.

  • Sort and purge. Make sure you get rid of whatever you do not want to keep. Be hard on yourself here. If you haven’t used it for a year it is probably time to let it go.
  • Make sure you have the right supplies. Get boxes, tape, markers, packing materials, labels ready and available. You will need more than you think, so purchase them or pick them up used. Check Craigslist for people getting rid of boxes. Usually you can pick them up for free.
  • Hire and confirm a mover or moving vehicle. Make sure you have a mover lined up, you have rented a truck, or some good friends with vehicles.
  • Pack! It’s easy to put it off, but you need to get it done. So start as early as a month out.
  • Clearly label all boxes. Make your life easier by labeling all boxes and furniture to ensure you know where it goes and what is in the box. You think you will remember what’s in each box, but you won’t.
  • Change your address. Make sure you change your address with the United States Post Office. You will need to do this ahead of time if you want all mail forwarded. Don’t forget this is a limited time change of address so you still need to let everyone know about your move. Change your address link.
  • Notify important parties of your move. Contact banks, brokerage firms, your employer’s human resources department, magazine and newspapers you subscribe to, and credit card, insurance, and utility companies.
  • Arrange to be free on the move day. This is true even if you hire movers! They will need you to tell them where things go.
  • Pack a survival bag. This should include all the things you [your family] absolutely need to access in the days before and after the move. [e.g., medicines, clothing, important documents, etc…]
  • Don’t forget the needs of any pets. Keep out supplies you need for your pets to travel to stay safe during the move, travel to your new location, and have their needs met at your new spot. [e.g., food, water bowl, crate or cage, etc.]

Moving can be tough work! Getting organized can help! Best of luck on your move from the team at 8z Rentals! 

Rebates for Home Improvements: How to find and get them

ManLadderThinking about making energy saving improvements at your rental property? Need to fix an existing system such as your heater or evaporative cooler? For any improvements/repairs you are making to your property you should consider taking a look at what rebates are offered by Xcel Energy and your local government. If you live in Colorado and Xcel Energy is your service provider they may have some great options for energy savings and money savings.

Some examples of the categories of rebates available:

To find a complete list of projects that qualify for rebates click here.


To get the rebates, you need to identify the type of repair/improvement you want to make. Next identify if there is a rebate and identify an approved contractor that can do the job. There are lists of approved contractors for each repair/improvement area. If you want to do more than a single improvement it may be worth deciding if you can qualify for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®. Home Performance with Energy Star is a designation you can get if you do at least three approved projects and possibly leads to additional rebates.

Here are a list of rebate resources for locations around Colorado, even if you are not an Xcel Energy customer.

These rebates can add up to some serious cash! Have you gotten rebates for work on your property? How did it work out?

Celebrating Independence Day In Colorado!

As we know, summer is in full swing.  We have been enjoying the long (hot) days here in Colorado, and now the 4th of July is rapidly approaching. What are your plans? If you are stuck, here are some great options!


 #1) Denver’s Civic Center Celebration (July 3rd 8pm) –This wonderful event features live music from the Colorado Symphony as well as a light show and fireworks display! The show will begin at 8pm at Denver’s Civic Center Park (Colfax & Broadway) and seating on the lawn is on a first come first serve basis. Attendee’s are encouraged to bring picnic goodies, though food is also available for sale. For more information, check out:

#2) Elitch Gardens’  Independence Day Celebration (10am-9pm) Are you a roller-coaster and adventure junkie? Do you want to combine that with your Independence Day celebration? Elitch Gardens makes that an easy combination! Along with all of their usual water park and roller coaster rides all day, they are putting on a huge fireworks display around 8pm. More details at:

#3) Cherry Creek Arts Festival (July 5-7) Want a dose of culture this fourth of July weekend? The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is a fantastic free outdoor art fair! This festival began in 1991 and features visual, culinary, and performing arts. Over 350,000 visitors attend each year! All the information you could ever want is featured here on their main website:


 #1) “The Res”– Beat the heat on the 4th of July at the Boulder Reservoir! Put on your swimsuit and enjoy time on the beach and in the water. Gates open at 6am.  Activities feature a live DJ, a beer garden, a 5k run and a volleyball tournament. Admission is $15. Come check it out! Additional information here:

 #2) Ralphie’s Independence Day Blast 2013 (July 4th gates open at 8pm) Unlike last year, when they were cancelled due to a fire ban, the fireworks are on this year! This year’s fireworks show is put on by Wright Kingdom, CU, and the City of Boulder. The show will feature the Monarch School Marching Band, The Open Space & Mountain Park Rangers, Mad Hops, and more. For more information:

Other Colorado Towns/Cities

 Not a Boulder or Denver resident? Not to fret! Huffington Post has a very extensive, and beautifully exhibited, photo list of the fireworks shows that are available throughout the state.

 If you are worried about fire bans, there is also a list of cancelled fireworks shows.