Hop, Skip, Jump, and More: It’s Our Community Transit Network and It Will Get You There

HOP_near_Boulder_BookstoreBoulder is unique in many ways! We all have ideas of what makes our town unique, but one aspect I want to point out is our community transit network of the Hop, Skip, Jump, Bound, Dash, Stampede, Bolt. These colorful buses connect the City of Boulder to Boulder County and the communities of Lafayette & Longmont. They increase access to regional transportation [e.g., Denver International Airport, Downtown Denver, etc.] and they are a great option if you are heading out with friends for a night on the town! These ubiquitous bright buses are a household name to locals and really bring the community together. When you consider where you live, think about how easy it will be to use public transit.

The HOP:

The HOP route connects the following major stops:

  • Twenty Ninth Street retail district, Downtown Boulder, University Hill, and the University of Colorado.
  • View the route map and schedule.


The SKIP travels north and south on Broadway, connecting these major stops:

skip cropped

  • Boulder Community Hospital, Community Plaza/Ideal Market, North Boulder Recreation Center, Downtown Boulder, University of Colorado, Table Mesa Shopping Center, and Fairview High School
  • View the route map and schedule.


The JUMP travels east and west on Arapahoe Avenue, connecting these major stops:

  • Boulder High School, Boulder Public Library, Downtown Boulder, Twenty Ninth Street, Boulder Valley School District – Arapahoe Campus, and Central Lafayette park-n-Ride (via the Long JUMP)
  • View the route map and schedule.


The BOUND Route travels north and south on 30th Street, connecting these major stops:

  • Diagonal Highway, Twenty Ninth Street Retail District, Mapleton Ball Fields, Williams Village/Bear Creek, Scott Carpenter Park, and BaseMar Shopping Center
  • View the route map and schedule.


The DASH travels east and west along South Boulder Road, connecting these major stops:

  • University of Colorado, NIST/NOAA, Table Mesa Park-n-Ride, Downtown Louisville, and Lafayette Park-n-Ride
  • View the route map and schedule.


The STAMPEDE Route travels around the University of Colorado campus, connecting these major stops:

  • Coors Event Center, East CU Campus, Folsom Field, University Memorial Center (UMC), and University of Colorado Main Campus
  • View the route map and schedule.


The BOLT travels along the Diagonal Highway between Boulder and Longmont, connecting these major stops:

bolt cropped

  • Boulder Station, Diagonal Plaza, Front Range Community College, IBM, Longmont, Niwot Park-n-Ride, Roosevelt Park-n-Ride, and Twin Peaks Mall park-n-Ride
  • View the route map and schedule.

Boulder’s community transit network connects us all and makes living in Boulder, Longmont, and/or Lafayette much more convenient! You can get general information on fees and schedules here.


How To Spot A Scam

As Scams Have Become More Common Place In The Rental World, 8z Rentals Has Some Advice On How To Spot And Avoid Them.

1. If It Seems Too Good To Be True, Then It Probably Is!

Rental Prices In Boulder Don’t Fluxuate A Great Deal Even In The Slower Seasons. So While You Think That Maybe $1,000/ Month Is A Deal For A 4 Bedroom In The Winter, It Is EXTREMELY Uncommon. Check Out Other 4 Bedroom Homes/Apartments In The Town You’re Looking In And Compare, If Nothing Comes Close To That Price Then It May Not Be Real.

2. International Owners

A Recent Trend In Rental Scams Is For Owners Of Properties To Be Out Of The Country. Typically If An Owner Is Not In The Country They Will Hire A Friend Or A Company (Like Us!) To Rent Their House. If They Provide A Phone Number That Is International, Ask Them To Give You A Call. (Most People Internationally Have An International Phone Plan).

3. Showing Do’s & Dont’s
If An Owner Says To Stop By The House Because They Can’t Meet You There, DON’T DO IT!!! You Will Terrify The Tenants, There Could Be Hazards At The Property (Angry Dogs) And You Don’t Know Who Lives There, It’s Just Not Safe.

Only Go To A Showing If You Are Going To Meet Someone There, Know Their Name & Have A Contact Phone Number To Reach Them Directly. If There Is A Sign Out Front For A Company, Check Out Their Website To See If It Is In Fact For Rent & If You Have The Right Price. It’s Better To Be Safe.

3. Personal Information

Never Give Anyone Personal Information Through E-mail. If You Get An E-Mail With A List Of Questions, Don’t Answer Them. Call Them Directly Or Ask Them To Call You And Say You Will Provide It Over The Phone. Never Give Out Your Personal Information Until After You Have Met An Actual Person At The Property & Walked Through The Property.

4. Security Deposits

You Would’t Put A Down Payment On A Car Without Test Driving It Would You? Then Don’t Write A Security Deposit Check Without Walking Through A Home. If You Are Out Of State And Want To Secure It, Have A Friend You Trust Walk Through The Property To Check It Out Or Call 8z Rentals And We Can Check It Out For You.

5. Sob Stories

There Are A Few Avenues Scammers Will Take And All Are Aimed To Make You Feel Like You Have To Rent Their Home To Help Them. If An Owner Tells You They’re On Sabatical Or Volunteering Over Seas, Chances Are They Are Not. If They Were, Why Would They Tell You First? Owner’s Don’t Put Their Personal Situations In Rental Ads It’s Irrelevant To The Property And They’re Trying To Market Their Home, Not Sympathy.

6. For Owner’s

Never Place The Exact Address Of Your Home On The Ad. Scammers Take The Address, Copy Your Photos & Make A Duplicate Ad At A Lower Price. Put The Closest Cross Streets To Your Home Online And Watermark Your Photos If Possible To Prevent Them From Being Stolen.

Another Precaution Is To Put Your Address On A Google Alert So If Your Home Address Shows Up Anywhere You Will Be Notified Immediately And Can Stop A Scam In Its Place.

If You Spot A Property That Might Be A Scam, Send It Over To Us And We’ll Check It Out. We’re Here To Help You And Put A Stop To Scams.Image

Pre-Leasing In Boulder Is Heating Up!

apartment image

Are you considering looking for a rental for next year? You are not the only one! It may be time to take a look around for an opportunity to pre-lease. Most rentals in Boulder are on the school schedule, so they rent from August 1 through July 31. But don’t wait until this June to start thinking about securing the perfect rental. There will be properties available closer to August, but there are also opportunities right now to lock in your perfect rental.

There are many reasons to start looking now since this concept of pre-leasing is big in Boulder. If you are going to be out of town until closer to the fall, you have specific needs [like having a dog or cat] that might mean it takes longer to find the right rental, if you just want to take your time to find the right location. Pre-leasing is just another option available to you as you look for a rental in the tight Boulder rental market.

How do I find a rental for the fall when it’s still the winter you might be asking?

  • Find a reliable property management service and take a look what is available to pre-lease now.
  • Ask friends you know who may be graduating or moving on if their place will be available in the fall. They can put you in touch with the landlord.
  • If you are a student, there are housing fairs on campus. There is a housing fair coming up January 30, 2013. The Off Campus Housing Office can be reached for more information here.

8z Rentals is always available to help you find housing. If you are looking to lease now or for the future contact us 8z Rentals or visit our website at 8zrentals.com.

Metro Denver Vacancy Rate Hits 12 Year Low! Rents On The Rise.

House ImageThings are a changing here in the metro Denver area. Supply is not keeping up with demand and we are seeing decreased vacancy and increased rents all around. The percentage of rental apartments available in metro Denver is at its lowest point in 12 years according to the Dennis Huspeni of the Denver Business Journal. The vacancy rate for metro Denver apartments stood at 4.3 percent in the third quarter, the lowest vacancy rate recorded since the same quarter in 2000, according to a report by the Colorado Division of Housing. This is very significant for both landlords and tenants.

Vacancy is low which is precipitating the trend towards increased rents. “Rents climbed to an average of $986,house photo up 5.2 percent year over year and the biggest rent gain average came in Boulder/Broomfield, which climbed 8.1 percent in one year.” noted Mr. Huspeni. “The average rent has grown year over year in every quarter for the past two and a half years, and it has recently begun to accelerate,” Ryan McMaken, Division of Housing spokesman, said in a statement. “The rent growth we’re now seeing is starting to look like what we experienced in the days of the dot-com boom.” Because of the consistent trajectory it looks like this is more than a mere trend.

Based on a report by Inside Real Estate News, rents clearly rose as property owners responded to falling vacancy rates across the metro area. The average rents by counties were:

  • Adams, $906.
  • Arapahoe, $956.
  • Boulder/Broomfield, $1,091.
  • Denver, $1,005.
  • Douglas, $1,131.
  • Jefferson, $919.

There is a basic supply and demand scenario playing out in metro Denver. Vacancy is lower and rents are on the rise. For landlords this is great news! It will be interesting to see how 2013 plays out.