Vacancy Rates Near CU Have Students Searching…

Classes may not be starting for another seventeen days at CU Boulder, but students who may just be returning to Boulder without a place picked out may be finding themselves in a pickle.

Demand is usually high for apartments and homes within a short walking distance or bike ride to campus.  This usually includes University Hill, Martin Acres, Goss, Grove and Aurora neighborhoods.  Yet this fall there are fewer properties available to rent across Boulder County, which has a 3.6% vacancy rate in a report by the Apartment Association of Metro Denver and the Colorado Division of Housing.  Immediately around campus, it has been reported by the Boulder newspaper, The Daily Camera and the Colorado Division of Housing that the vacancy rate around CU is 0%.

Some students needing a place to lease may look further away from campus or other communities within a short bus ride or drive away such as Superior or Lafayette.

A few good rules of thumb to consider when looking to rent as a CU student is to know where you’re living for fall semester by spring break.  High demand properties near campus are usually snatched up fast, even when the vacancy rates are not this low.

At these times it’s also important to plan where you will be returning to after studying abroad for a semester.  Many students who return in the fall to look for a place to live couldn’t search for a rental because they were studying abroad earlier that year for spring semester.  Nobody wants to pay for a semester’s rent when they are not going to be staying there.  Some students will arrange roommates and living situations where a room is traded between a friend going abroad spring semester with another friend returning from abroad for spring semester.  Just be sure to check with your landlord that it will be ok for someone to take over your portion of the lease.

If you are still looking for a place to lease, here are a few properties that are available you may want to take a look at:
1200 College Ave , #104, Boulder, CO 80302 End-unit 3 bedroom, 1.5 baths at the College Townhomes complex.

864 18th St , Boulder, CO 80302, A nice 2 bedroom 1 bath home is right across from the CU Music Building and just steps away from the CU Book Store.

You may apply or contact us from the listing page.

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Year-Over-Year Rent Increases In Denver Metro Area

Feel like you had a better deal on your lease last year?  That may very well be the case if you live and rent in the Denver metro area.  Colorado real estate blogger, John Rebchook recently reported news of a high demand rental market in the Denver metro area on his blog Inside Real Estate News.

He reported with data collected by the Apartment Association of Metro Denver and the Colorado Division of Housing.

The average rent increased in all county areas, with Denver county and the Boulder/Broomfield area showing year-over-year increases of 75 dollars and 87 dollars respectively.

Average rents by counties were:

Adams, $906.
Arapahoe, $956.
Boulder/Broomfield, $1,091.
Denver, $1,005.
Douglas, $1,131.
Jefferson, $919.

Vacancy rates by county were:

Adams, 4.9 percent.
Arapahoe, 5.5 percent.
Boulder/Broomfield, 3.6 percent.
Denver, 4.8 percent.
Douglas, 3.9 percent
Jefferson, 4.0 percent.

These trends in the rental market continue what has been seen over the past several years. Many people who had to foreclose or short sale on their home are limited to the rental market for years. Many recent college graduates along with those who are not confident in their jobs also choose to rent rather than buy.  Plans and building is underway for new apartment developments around the Denver metro area but even after completion they are not expected to make a significant addition to the rental market to meet the demand to decrease prices.

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